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  • AurisCMS . summary

    AurisCMS is a system used for data entry and managing website content. Its basic features include modularity, working speed, quick loading (even on smartphones and mobile networks), as well as the option of field work.

  • Uniqueness

    Considering that this is a specific system that completely adjusts to the end-user, the list of its functions is not final. This means that in your specific implementation some functions will be discarded, while others will be created just for you. This approach allows a complete adjustment of the CMS to the user and his/her needs.

  • Reliability

    Based on 15 years of experience, and used by many organizations and customers, additionally improved, optimized and strengthened through the E-impuls project – with the financial support of the European Union – AurisCMS represents a reliable solution that will not leave you stranded.

  • Speed

    As CMS is created, a special attention is paid to its working speed. This means that some features do not appear as "standard" as in other (especially open source) CMSs, but they enhance the productivity, and faster and easier usage. The key in AurisCMS philosophy is to do the task as efficient as possible. To focus on the content, and avoid the trouble with import tools.

  • Multilingualism

    CMS is multilingual. Currently available languages include Croatian, English, German, and Spanish. If required, we can deliver the CMS in other languages as well. Of course, the websites managed by the CMS can also be multilingual.

  • User-friendly experience for visually impaired

    The adjustable CMS interface allows modifications for easier usage for visually impaired persons. This feature includes the font sizes and contrast colour themes.

  • Connectivity

    Every bit of content at your website can be connected with the other. A specific feature of AurisCMS is a smart connectivity system using IDs. A website can present multiple competition tables, linked documents, related news, relevant competitions inside the news articles, and many other options, depending on your requirements.

  • Customized for your organization

    Should your organization require a special colour theme, font, or anything else – we can completely adjust the CMS to the image you desire.

  • Here we introduce just a part of AurisCMS functionality, since the functions depend primarily on you and your needs. For example, special categorization and access to documents, polls, management of pre-made games for visitors, Auris CMS can do it all...

  • AurisCMS . articles

    News article entry is the most important thing to most of our clients. Therefore, this action has been maximally simplified.

  • News article categories

    News article categoriesThe news articles require categorization. This is done by entering new categories, that can be sorted with a drag-and-drop method.

  • News article entry

    News article entryTitle, headline, categories, website position – these are all easy entries. WYSIWYG text editor and easy linking to a number of images, and creating galleries – everything is available at this website. A different language can be selected for every news article.

  • News article filters

    News article filtersIt is very important to find previous news articles, and an additional option offers the export of filtered list into an Excel file.

  • AurisCMS . photos

    A picture is worth a thousand words, therefore it is crucial to upload images, especially for websites that require a large number of photos.

  • Photo categorization

    Photo categorizationImages require categorization. This is done by entering new categories, that can be sorted with a drag-and-drop method.

  • Photo upload

    Photo uploadThe image is identified with several parameters, such as title, description and corresponding category. Furthermore, the descriptions can be automatically generated from the uploaded image title. This is very useful when uploading a large number of images simultaneously.

  • Photo filters

    Photo filtersImages can be searched by category, title and description, the author and the current status. This way, they can easily be found and added to a news article or a webpage.

  • AurisCMS . COMET system for statistics

    AurisCMS is closely connected with Analyticom's COMET management system for sports events and competitions. Besides presentation of COMET data, it is possible to link arbitrary information to the players, competitions, clubs, and national teams.

  • Players

    PlayersHere you can assign a player to a specific youth team or a designated national team. Moreover, it is possible to enter his former clubs, his biography of an image.

  • Competitions

    CompetitionsThe most important options are available for competitions – multilingual titles for different website positions. Short titles are appropriate for some positions, long titles or abbreviations for the other…

  • Clubs and national teams

    Clubs and national teamsWhen entering a large number of clubs or national teams into the system, their names are often not consistent. You can find "Dinamo" as well as "Hrvatski nogometni klub Hajduk Split". Naturally, this does not look good in competition tables, and the club names need to be adjusted. Furthermore, the national team often require their name in local language(s).

  • AurisCMS . pages

    Pages' entry is almost completely done in AurisCMS. However, due to complexity of a certain number of pages, this module contains extra information available for editing to administrators only - usually Auris, when maintaining the website.

  • Pages categorization

    Pages categorizationPages require categorization. This is done by entering new categories, that can be sorted with a drag-and-drop method. According to user's demands, these categories can automatically provide a main website navigation.

  • Page entry

    Page entryBesides standard information necessary for website entries, we would like to emphasize the option of user-defined web address. However, the prominent capability of this module is found in the lower section, containing special information that describe the page content. Therefore, it is possible to add dynamic data such as tables, fixture lists, document lists, article lists, or any other information generated from other sources, to any page. This is the true power of AurisCMS!

  • Page filters

    Page filtersA page can be easily found by entering title, category, language, or current status. An additional option offers to export the filtered list to an Excel file.

  • AurisCMS . documents

    Within major organizations (in our case, within football federations especially), the documents are a no. 1 priority.

  • Document categorization

    Document categorizationJust like news articles, pages, and images, the documents are categorized, and the categories can be sorted by a drag-and-drop method.

  • Document upload

    Document uploadEnter the title, description, and category, and upload the document – and that's it. Not much philosophy there.

  • Document filters

    Document filtersShould you require a document to be linked to a page or a news article, it is necessary to find it easily and quickly. You can do it here.