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  • Croatian Football Federation

    Croatian Football Federation

    We have provided Croatian Football Federation a responsive, bilingual and modular website. In partnership with EuroART 93, a design company, this modern website includes football statistics, galleries, news, documents, media centre… alongside an advanced CMS admin. The entire solution is based on Microsoft technology, using a Comet system for football statistics, and AurisCMS for managing multiple websites.

  • Latvian Football Federation

    Latvian Football Federation

    They say that a nice word is key for all doors, and our successful projects with HNS/CFF and LFF have opened the doors for Latvian Football Federation main website project. Some specific challenges in this project include live broadcasting, responsivity, and the import of large quantity of data from the previous, rather branchy system. In any case, that is one other project to make us proud. This website also uses AurisCMS.

  • Montenegro Football Federation

    Montenegro Football Federation

    Our neighbours have notices the quality work being done with other football federations, and decided to confide in us regarding their own website. A fresh design and coherence with all relevant sporting data (competitions, leagues, national teams) have ensured the online presence of FSCG/MFF at a higher level. This website also uses AurisCMS.

  • Lithuanian Football Federation

    Lithuanian Football Federation

    The first foreign football federation that recognized the excellent integration of Comet and HNS/CFF Football Federation was the Lithuanian Football Federation. Auris' breakthrough to international market has resulted in the responsive official website, while an additional general football website was agreed with the same client. That website was launched at a later date (LietuvosFutbolas). Of course, AurisCMS is used for data import.

  • Sportnet


    Sportnet is the most important and in terms of quality the best sports news website in Croatia. It is Auris' greatest project, that encompasses much of our knowledge. Many journalists, photographers, editors, visitors, forum members, players in Winning Streak or Manager games… have been technologically implemented into action by Auris. The entire project was even more demanding due to user-friendly orientation of Sportnet. This responsive, very visited website is therefore even more performance-sensitive when compared to other websites. It includes an independent CMS, adjusted to an extremely large number of sporting data.

  • Osijek Football Club

    Osijek Football Club

    The website of the biggest sports club in Slavonia and Baranja region is specific on many levels, especially since the first real version was entirely created by – the fans. The club's transfer to private ownership enabled the conditions to create more modern, responsive website. This website allows you to find information on any team, to read interesting articles and latest news, enjoy galleries… With the statistics section connected to Comet system.


    The second website created for the Lithuanian Football Federation is of entirely different nature, and is intended for the players, fans, and statisticians. Courtesy of close integration with the Comet system, you can find information on any player playing in Lithuania, and probably any match being played in Lithuania. Take a look, even if you are not closely related to this Baltic country…

  • Hrvatski Telekom First Division

    Hrvatski Telekom First Division

    Croatian First Division website is based on the visual and technical impression of the Croatian Football Federation website. Clubs have their on pages, alongside several statistic information provided by Comet system. This project confirms that AurisCMS is available for managing multiple websites.

  • Croatian Mountaineering Association

    Croatian Mountaineering Association

    One who is not familiar with mountaineering may not perceive how active a society Croatian Mountaineering Association really is. An abundance of information is available at their website, visited on a daily basis by many people who enjoy an active lifestyle in the mountains. We definitely recommend a visit, even if you do not enjoy spending your time walking up and down the hill.

  • Udž


    The school textbook online sales pioneer was created in – Auris. The website that receives and delivers tens of thousands of school textbooks and corresponding accessories every year is a reliable partner of every parent with a kid in elementary or high school. A specific, simplified shopping cart and online payment procedure was implemented to provide additional ease while shopping.

  • Bijeli svijet d.o.o.

    Bijeli svijet d.o.o.

    For our dear friends from the Bijeli svijet d.o.o. (The White World) we have created several websites and supported them for years – and vice versa. This young, dynamic company always has a task to perform, and the created websites define their online presence. However, that's not all, since they have chosen us to develop their business solution for daily operations…

  • Pyrus multi marketing d.o.o.

    Pyrus multi marketing d.o.o.

    For a number of years Pyrus and Auris improve together, and considering the specific structure of Pyrus partners, the developed web-solution had to be specific. As a guest user (without a username and a password), you can't see the inside of the web-structure, but you can find out more on Pyrus' high quality, wide product range.

  • Njirić+ arhitekti

    Njirić+ arhitekti

    Well-known architects studio from Zagreb has based their online presence on Auris' solution for a number of years. Considering the specific website that focuses on solutions, not design, the interface is extremely simple, with the projects representing this website's true value. Our designer has recognized this to create a really different website.

  • Sajam'99


    You don't rent-a-tent every day, but should you develop an urge to do so, this website offers all the relevant information, including the galleries of tents being set, their specifications, types, contact info…

  • Lipbled-Zagreb d.o.o.

    Lipbled-Zagreb d.o.o.

    Whoever has built a house or redecorated living or commercial quarters, knows that it is no easy task to choose the right doors or windows. This renowned distributor's website can certainly assist in the decision-making process, since it provides plenty of information alongside quality structure. You can rely on your intuition to select doors and windows suitable for your property. Given the fact that the website is responsive, you can do it on your smartphone as well…

  • ShoppingBlitz


    Auris joined the American market for the first time through partnership with World Blitz LLC, a company for clothing, shoes and lifestyle accessories sales, at the biggest online stores in the world, Amazon and eBay. Our role in this major, extremely sensitive project includes the links between internal company systems with aforementioned sales channels, as well the expansion to other trading systems and creation of tools to support a warehouse with over a million products. The involvement in this demanding market moves our limits to new levels…

  • Bijeli svijet d.o.o.

    Bijeli svijet d.o.o.

    Long-term partnership with Bijeli svijet (White World) has resulted in the creation of CRM system used for daily business. When generic solutions are too expensive and too extensive, with many necessary unique functions generating further costs, Bijeli svijet decided to trust us.

  • Pyrus multi marketing d.o.o.

    Pyrus multi marketing d.o.o.

    No transition is easy, but during the Pyrus project it was especially demanding. The established mechanisms and the application that Pyrus has used for 15 years had to become history, as the time inevitably moves on. We have managed to deal with every request and created a complete solution that Pyrus uses from 2013 onwards…

  • Accreditation system

    Accreditation system

    Besides managing accreditation systems for various minor events, Auris' highlight in this domain was the 2009 Handball World Championship in Croatia. A centralized accreditation system (just a reminder – the internet, especially cloud, was quite different back in the day!) was created by Auris and was widely praised. The procedure was easy, worked well, and the competition was completed at a maximum level.

  • "Be Proud" Museum

    "Be Proud" Museum

    Croatian Football Federation has decided to include two information displays in the "Be Proud" Museum. The visitors have the possibility to click around and enjoy many interesting information, photographs, and video-content… This solution, basically a web-application, has been created by Auris, and is managed via a centralized AurisCMS – just as any other HNS/CFF website.

  • ATP Croatia Open Umag

    ATP Croatia Open Umag

    Even though this project is not considered a classic web-development, we don't mind, not in the least! Every year, some of the best tennis players gather in Umag for a world-famous tournament, and the scoreboard display and big screen display have been brought to you since 2014 by – Auris.

  • ATP Serbia Open Belgrade

    ATP Serbia Open Belgrade

    Despite the lack of a direct connection, the ATP tournament in Belgrade has also employed our services for the scoreboard display. In a somewhat lesser scope than in Umag, but nonetheless – this was another important international reference for Auris.

  • Beach handball

    Beach handball

    We can provide basically any kind of scoreboard display, a fact confirmed by our engagement in the EBT 2013 in Umag! On that occasion, we have also been responsible for the scoreboard and streaming service connections, a very young technology back then…

  • Water Polo World Championships 2009

    Water Polo World Championships 2009

    Auris' introduction to the real-deal, open space scoreboard displays was the 2009 Water Polo Youth World Championships in Šibenik. The specific working environment by the swimming pool was an additional challenge, and we have received only the highest marks for the job well done.

  • Shooting World Championships 2006

    Shooting World Championships 2006

    Despite the fact that this wasn't a classic scoreboard display, this project deserves a special place in Auris' portfolio. It is specific considering the impossible working conditions, very short delivery date and the non-existent hardware and electronical targets requirements. However, this did not stop us, and Auris enabled a direct online broadcast of a shooting competition, for the first time ever. A special website offered the option to watch each competitor separately, in real time, including his/her results with a graphic display of the current target. It was then that we realized we can do anything – it's just the matter of time and finances.